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Life Enrichment and Community Integration Services

The LECIS program is designed to provide services to individuals with intellectual disabilities. Within this program the staff bring a positive approach to the delivery of a variety of services that are person-centered, family focused and community based. A team of experienced and knowledgeable staff assist individuals in attaining defined outcomes and goals. This “Team Approach” focuses on positive opportunities and experiences through which each individual has the opportunity to grow, thrive and develop increased independence. Team members are to provide the support, structure and guidance to assist the individual to positively address their unique and special challenges. To accomplish these tasks, to address these challenges and to open opportunities, we provide two community based services: Day Programs and Residential Services.


Progress Point:

Progress Point is a licensed day program offering a variety of structured activities for clients throughout the day. The three main areas of focus in the program are Arts & Crafts, Health & Wellness and Social & Daily Living Skills. For more information click here.

Life Skills Coaching (Home and Community Habilitation):

A one-on-one community based skills development and improvement program. Life skills coaching addresses those tasks and activities that enable an individual to experience increased success and independence in their lives. Life skills activities can include but are not limited to: exploration of public transportation, community awareness, cultural experiences, social skills development, meal planning and preparation,budgeting, communications, interpersonal relationships, grooming, personal hygiene and health/dental care. Life skills development is guided by the individual’s abilities and capacities.

Habilitation Assistance (Companion):

This is most often a one-on-one activity meant to assist, support and guide an individual within their living environment through social physical and related health care needs. The amount of assistance the habilitation companion provides is dependent on the person’s challenges and needs. Services could include but are not limited to shopping, meal preparation, medication distribution, housekeeping, hygiene care, companionship, physical activity/exercise and transportation.


Life Sharing through Family Living:

In this living arrangement, the individual resides in a safe, secure and healthy home with an unrelated family and is integrated into the family lifestyle. Both the home and the provider are licensed by DPW/ODP; it is a less restrictive alternative than a group home or supported living setting. The level of support a person receives is based on their needs and recommendations of their Team. The individual receives the support, assistance, guidance, and caring as with any other member of the family while, if they wish, retaining contact and involvement with their natural family.

Community Residential Habilitation:

In this living arrangement, the individual lives in a home that is licensed by DPW/ODP and operated by the agency. At least one staff member is on site 24 hours per day, 7 days per week; additional staffing and supervision is possible, with the level determined by the support needs of the individual(s) and the recommendations of their team.


Behavior Support Services:

For those who qualify, Behavior Support Planning is available. A Behavioral Specialist develops a Behavior Support Plan (BSP) by examining and interpreting the functions of problem behaviors and their triggers. The BSP is implemented and maintained to help client and the team to improve behavioral issues using an array of Positive Behavior Supports.


Individuals must have a documented evaluation with a diagnosis of mental retardation and be authorized for services by the local county Human Services program. The LECIS program currently provides services through much of Northwestern Pennsylvania. For additional questions or inquiries regarding service eligibility please contact us.