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Progress Point

Progress Point is the newest endeavor for Touch-Stone Solutions. This Licensed Day Program (2380 or ATF) functions in a 1:6, 1:3.5, or 1:1 ratio of client to staff, depending on the needs of the individual client. There are a variety of structured activities for clients scheduled throughout the day that focus on three areas: Arts and Crafts, Health and Wellness, and Social and Daily Living Skills. Staff are able to create a variety of activities in these three focus areas that allow clients to work on a variety of outcomes in a fun and interactive way.


Arts and Crafts:

The Arts and Crafts station focuses on allowing clients the opportunity to express their creativity while working on skills such as following directions, increasing their attention span, and improving both fine and gross motor skills. Just a few examples of the activities in this station are: creating stepping stones, carving pumpkins, making picture frames and making chicks for Easter.

Health and Wellness:

The Health and Wellness station focuses on getting the clients up and burning calories through fun physical activity. The activities are adapted based on physical limitations as well as cognitive level. Some examples of activities clients have participated in in this area include: Exercising at the local YMCA, Wii bowling, parachute ball and kickball.

Social and Daily Living Skills:

The Social and Daily Living Skills portion of the program focuses on developing appropriate social skills through role play and interactive games and also to improve upon any meal preparation skills clients may have. Meal preparation is broken down into mini tasks that are then assigned to the clients based on their individual skill level so that each person has an opportunity to assist with some part of creating the meal.


Transportation to and from the Point is available for clients as long as they are not currently receiving residential services. This transportation service, provided by TSSI staff, becomes a regularly scheduled service in conjunction with the client’s participation at the Point. Transportation services must be coordinated in advance.


The program is currently open Tuesday and Friday between 9:30 am and 3:30 pm. Transportation is available for those who are not in residential placement.


Clients must have a diagnosed intellectual disability and be authorized for services by the local county Human Services program.

For more information: Please contact us or your county’s Human Services office.