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Adult Autism Waiver Services

The Adult Autism Waiver program is designed specifically for adults age 21 and over living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Services are provided in home and community settings; priority is given to those not receiving any other type of service.


Behavioral Specialist Services (BSS):

Behavior Specialists create and manage Behavioral Support Plans to address behaviors that impede a person’s ability to be an active member of their community. The process starts with the BSS conducting a Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA), which seeks to find the reasons specific behaviors occur.

Community Inclusion:

Direct care workers provide one-on-one support for the client to help them acquire, retain and improve communication, socialization, self- direction, self-help and adaptive skills necessary to reside in the community. The goal is to work toward and achieve independence.

Family Training:

These services focus on developing expertise within an individual’s natural support system by educating the family and caregivers about communication skills, stress reduction, daily living skills, self-direction, socialization and environmental adaptations.

Residential Habilitation-Family Living Home:

An out-of-the-home living arrangement where the individual resides with an unrelated person or family in a licensed home. The individual functions and participates in the family and receives the support, guidance, assistance and caring as would any other member of the family while working on personal independence. The client maintains involvement with their natural family whenever possible.

Residential Habilitation-Community Home:

More restrictive than Family Living, this supported living arrangement provides for the client to reside in a licensed home with the assistance of direct care staff 24 hours a day. Staff are there to assist the client and help them improve their capacity to perform daily living skills independently.

Respite-Agency Managed:

Whether planned or on an emergency basis, respite allows for short-term relief to caregivers when they are temporarily unable to provide support due to non-routine circumstances. Respite can be provided in the individual’s home or outside of the home.

Job Assessment:

Professional staff review and assess the individual’s interests and abilities in order to determine appropriate and enjoyable opportunities for paid and/or volunteer work in the community. Once the assessment is complete, this service often moves into Job Finding to help the individual obtain such paid or volunteer work.

Supported Employment:

Direct care workers provide the ongoing one-on-one support needed for the individual to maintain their volunteer or paid employment in the community. The intent is to gradually reduce the need for assistance by improving the client’s ability to work independently.

Temporary Crisis Services:

Additional short-term help is made available to assist with an individual when their health and welfare are in jeopardy and existing supports and services cannot be provided without that additional help. Crisis staff will support the family and regular workers in stabilizing and implementing the Behavioral Support Plan.

Access to Services

To apply for AAW services, call the Bureau of Autism Services (BAS) at 866-539-7689 and follow the prompts; you will be contacted by the BAS and sent an application. Once the Bureau receives the application back you will then be contacted by the County Supports Coordinator. You will be able to select an agency based on the services requested and approved.